The regular promotions for NPR’s science and medicine podcast series – coyly christened Petrie Dish, as hosted by one Bonnie Petrie – has so consistently annoyed me in her dribble of promos for the podcast carried on the classical station that is my normal audio wallpaper, that I’ve never been in the least bit temped to listen to the series. In fact, I generally began to grind my teeth up on hearing her voice, reflecting as it does a chipper attitude of smug certitude peculiar to the ruling class and the media flacks of NPR who do their bidding, slavishly licking their boots and exclaiming on how they enjoy the taste. I regularly noted the careful editing-in of that enticing soundbite intended to publicize her podcast of the week. Yes, I used to work in providing regular news content (as an in-house flack for AFRTS) so I know very well how the sausage is made, stuffed, trimmed, sautéed, and presented for the audience to consume. I knew how to subtly color your announcer-voice to reflect your own attitude and opinion on the story o’the moment, and how to expertly select the soundbite to tickle the audience’s fancy. Or scare them out of their ever-loving minds.

During the Covidiocy, as I called it over the 2020-21 effort on the part of our political authorities and media experts to scare the ever-loving cr*p out of everyone over the Commie Crud, Bonnie Petrie did her stalwart best to do her part. Never a word in her promos about what could be deduced from the Diamond Princess experience and the survival stats thereon. Never a word about the efficacy of ivermectin or chloroquine – it was all panic, all the time. We’re gonna die! Or kill grandma because you won’t wear a mask/isolate/get the vax! This was reflected in the come-on promos for her podcast. Maybe she struck a calmer note in the podcasts – but I seriously doubt it.

The current promo features someone representing the FDA apparently losing their sh*t over so-called “disinformation” – the lying liars on social media and the humongous megaphones they have in perpetuating those lies about … whatever it is that is the mission of the FDA with regard to a diminishing life expectancy in America of late.

Hmm. Might that reduced American life expectancy have anything to do with all the misrepresentation with regard to the Covidiocy and the experimental vaccines foisted on us? Or … the much-vaunted food pyramid which turns out to be weighted in favor of foods that are not so optimal/healthy for many? A growing sense that we are being played by government and the establishment media, joined in an unholy mating? Might it also touch on the recent trendy enthusiasm for bug protein intended for the proles to consume … Or an issue of deeper import – might this be a melt-down panic among the national news media bigs over how credibility on the part of government spokes-freaks and formerly obedient and credible media outlets has been lost entirely among that part of the public who has been paying attention?

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4 thoughts on “Disinformation”

  1. I tend to agree. The media is easily played, the majority are not the brightest lighthouses on the coast.

  2. Media is playing for Big Brother and the Thought Police. They aren’t being fooled. They are part of the group doing the deliberate fooling. Are they stupid? Sure. But they aren’t innocent. They’re thoroughly and enthusiastically dishonest and corrupt.

  3. My leftist FBI agent daughter sternly advised me to “stop watching Fox News.” I responded that I did not watch any TV news. I actually did watch Tucker Carlson and will again as soon as he settles in a new spot. The lefties on Althouse blog are hysterical about his future but I wonder about rumors I have seen that Musk might buy Newsmax. Those two guys are the “Dynamic Duo” right now. I fully expect a new crop of “Me too” harpies to go after Trump in New York seeking a payday. Reid Hoffman, of Epstein Island fame, will probably fund them, too. Trump will be swatting these flies while trying to run for president. I don’t know how it will turn out,.

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