10 thoughts on ““Body language””

  1. Looks like we’re paying tribute to the Middle Kingdom early this year.

    I know Blinken is our least physically imposing Secretary of State since Warren Christopher but can he compensate somehow like with a better tailored suit or I don’t know maybe not letting the hems of his pants bunch up around his ankles like he was a 16 year old kid at a high school dance?

  2. Showing his lack of backbone. I’m surprised he isn’t on his knees bowing down. Nice tie.


  3. I offer for your consideration the pinyan phrase kòutóu, especially the grand version used upon acknowledging the new Emperor.

    Subotai Bahadur

  4. We are in trouble

    What do you mean, we?

    This twanloc, servant of Davos, globalist traitor, whatever he is- I can’t make myself think that the endless incompetence and graft of his regime has anything to do with me, even though I suffer for it.

    I have a weird feeling that I’m living through the last days of a regime every bit as feeble and doomed as that of the Soviet Union circa 1985.

    Its troubles are not mine, and soon it will end, not to be lamented.

  5. lesuo is the cognate for kompromat, remember blinken has been biden’s coffee fetcher, for ever,

  6. I would have said the regime seems to be in deep trouble, and though I suffer from its choices and edicts, I have no compassion for their eventual demise and destruction.
    OTOH, I think the repercussions of their demise will affect each and every that lives in USA. The loss of worldwide respect will have significant effects upon relations, trade, economy, energy costs, and inter-dependence. “the strong horse” will come to reality and persons will and do note the imbecile administration and its feeble attempts in about every venue. Cheating on a deal with the US will soon be the rule rather than the exception. Not only cheating, but one-sided cancellation of agreements when ‘something better’ comes up may be the future. What retaliation can be envisioned for a doddering puppet regime? The Cabinet was chosen by people with motives other than the success of the US, not by the CiC as he cannot choose what color socks to wear in the morning. Our POTUS is a bully when opposed, perhaps modeled upon Mr Bluster of HowdyDoodie days. I do think the D party has realized their selection of him AND VP has painted them into a corner to some degree, and there is active consideration of how to cut a hole in the floor or get a ladder/? to escape what they have done. Note that criticism of JRB and KH has begun even on the ‘free media’.(otherwise known as D sycophants and minions of political bent).
    Interesting times, indeed.

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