Vote For The EFCA Or Else…Nothing…

I am on vacation in Florida, and sadly, I have decided to blog a bit.

While the wife gets the sand out of the kids hair and whatever other areas they have sand packed in (we have had some seriously glorious beach time), I have had the pleasure of watching a bit of the Ed Show, which has as its host far lefty loon Ed Schultz.  As I was downing a couple of Yuengling’s I was amused so much that I laughed out loud.  And that is saying something for me…I need a Really Good Joke to make me laugh out loud, especially when watching the usual crap on TV.

So Mr. Ed was lamenting the fact that the EFCA seems to be losing Democratic Senator support.  Of note, he crucified a senator from Arkansas and somewhere else.  Mr. Ed went on to say that the unions spent all kinds of money and that they were the real reason that Obama won the election, and also the reason that many Senators won their seats in the last election, blah, blah, blah.  But Mr. Ed never got to the logical end of the conversation.  Which is…what do the Unions do if the EFCA goes down in a ball of flames? 

The answer I was yelling at the TV in between my semi-intoxicated chuckles was NOTHING.  They will keep supporting Democratic Senators no matter what they do.

I apoligize in advance – I am going to pull a “Shannon” and probably ignore this post for a few days until I get back from this glorious weather.

5 thoughts on “Vote For The EFCA Or Else…Nothing…”

  1. Thanks Michael Kennedy for that link. Wow, Mr. Ed’s ratings are super low, I may have been the only person in Florida watching that show apparently.

    As for him being a paid shill, I expected nothing less. His guest while I was watching was a guy from SEIU, and he had no guests on the other side of the issue. It seemed like one long lefty infomercial. At least the guys on Fox usually have differing opinions in some form.

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