My Apologies

Many of you – far too many – will shortly receive an invitation to be my “friend” on a site called I am so sorry to have caused you this inconvenience. The sign-up for this “free service” (only the useful parts require payment) ask you to import your email contacts. In my case, that included a lot of Chicago Boyz correspondents. Only later did I realize that instead of using them to search, it blasted spam to all of you. Again, my profound apologies. Please avoid this awful site.

6 thoughts on “My Apologies”

  1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but this sort of thing happens from time to time, either because someone I know unwittingly signs up with a sleazy website or because someone I know gets a computer virus that emails everyone in his address book. Either way it’s not a big deal. The emails that come out of it always look fishy and I don’t respond to them.

    BTW, have you received my urgent communications about important Nigerian investment opportunities?

  2. Gmail- hundreds of variants of my name have probably phony accounts at gmail, making impossible for me to have an account with anything resembling my real name (perhaps I should look upon that as a blessing). I assume these accounts are used to spam people, hopefully no one I know.


  3. Dan: hotmail is terrible! it can’t do a search inside the mailbox, decides all of a sudden that a correspondent of 4-year standing is a spammer, or skips letters from same addressee randomly. And the worst part: I can’t get rid of the account! Until someone keeps sending me mail to it, they don’t close the address.

  4. Tatyana, funny you mention that not being able to close the account with hotmail. I tried over and over to close that thing but it would never go away. So I just abandoned it – I think they close them automatically after “x” months of non use.

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