The Giraffe and the Unicorn

Stephen Sachs asked ChatGPT for its ideas about what a giraffe might want to say in an address to the American Chemical Society. Here’s what it came back with.

I was inspired to pose the following question:

I am a unicorn, a male unicorn to be specific, and I have to give a speech to the League of Women Voters. Please give me some ideas about what to say.

Here is what ChatGPT came back with.


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  1. What came back is a rolling screen of potential questions one might want to ask ChatGPT, along with buttons to click to either log-in or sign up?

  2. I have a ChatGPT account, but thought conversation *results* were available to everyone via a link. Apparently wrong, or has changed. I’ll copy a response and see if I can paste it into a comment box here.

  3. User
    I am a unicorn, a male unicorn to be specific, and I have to give a speech to the League of Women Voters. Please give me some ideas about what to say.
    What an interesting scenario! As a male unicorn addressing the League of Women Voters, your speech could encompass several key themes:

    Diversity and Inclusion: Highlight the importance of diverse perspectives in political and social discussions. Emphasize how your unique viewpoint as a unicorn can complement and enrich the conversations typically dominated by human experiences.

    Empowerment and Equality: Address the importance of women’s empowerment in all spheres of life, including politics, business, and society. Advocate for equal opportunities and rights for all genders, underscoring that the empowerment of women benefits everyone in society.

    Environmental Conservation: As a mythical creature often associated with nature, emphasize the importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices. Advocate for policies that protect natural resources and promote a healthy planet for future generations.

    Imaginative Problem Solving: Use your mythical status to encourage creative and unconventional approaches to problem-solving. Highlight how thinking ‘outside the box’ can lead to innovative solutions in governance and policy-making.

    Promoting Education and Civic Engagement: Stress the importance of education and informed civic participation. Encourage the audience to stay educated on issues, vote in elections, and engage in community initiatives.

    Building Bridges and Collaboration: Talk about the importance of collaboration across different groups and communities. Advocate for unity and working together to achieve common goals, despite differences.

    Remember to tailor your speech to resonate with the values and interests of the League of Women Voters, focusing on advocacy, voter education, and empowering women in the political process.

    Do you think any women would be interested in what it is like to be a unicorn, a male unicorn, or would that be beyond their range of interests?
    Absolutely, many women would likely be intrigued by the perspective of a male unicorn. The unique and mythical nature of a unicorn, combined with the distinct viewpoint of being male, presents a novel and fascinating perspective. Here’s why it could capture interest:

    Novelty and Curiosity: The concept of a unicorn, especially a speaking one, is inherently intriguing and can spark curiosity among a wide audience, regardless of gender.

    Insight into a Different Perspective: Hearing about experiences and perspectives that are vastly different from one’s own is often enlightening and engaging. It can offer fresh viewpoints and encourage imaginative thinking.

    Symbolism and Mythology: Unicorns hold a significant place in mythology and symbolism, often representing purity, grace, and magical power. Exploring these themes from the perspective of a male unicorn could provide interesting insights into gender roles and expectations in mythological contexts.

    Universal Themes: While your experiences as a male unicorn are unique, they may touch on universal themes such as identity, belonging, or facing challenges, which can resonate with many people, including women.

    Opportunity for Engagement and Discussion: Sharing your experiences can spark discussions about diversity, inclusivity, and the importance of listening to all voices, regardless of how unconventional they may seem.

    When sharing your experiences, it’s important to connect your unique perspective to broader themes and issues that are of interest to your audience. This way, while they are learning about your unique experiences as a male unicorn, they are also engaging with relevant and meaningful topics.

  4. User
    Unicorns aren’t very good at typing. Could you write at least a first draft for me?
    Certainly, I can help you draft an opening for your speech as a male unicorn addressing the League of Women Voters. Here’s a suggested draft:

    Title: A Unicorn’s Perspective on Diversity, Empowerment, and Unity

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the League of Women Voters,

    Greetings! I stand before you not just as a speaker, but as a testament to the power of imagination and diversity. I am, as you can see, a unicorn – and not just any unicorn, but a male unicorn, here to share a perspective as unique as my mythical heritage.

    In the forests where I roam, the trees do not discriminate between the songs of different birds, nor do the rivers choose which fish to reflect in their depths. Nature thrives on diversity, and so too does human society. As a unicorn, I’ve observed the richness that different voices bring to the tapestry of life, and I applaud your commitment to ensuring that these diverse voices are not only heard but also valued.

    While I may be a creature of legend, the issues we face today are very real. Women’s empowerment, equal rights, and civic engagement are not just human concerns but are universal. They resonate in the heart of every forest, in every glade where mythical creatures like myself dwell. As a male unicorn, I’ve seen the balance of nature, where every creature, regardless of gender, plays a vital role in the ecosystem. This balance is something we should all aspire to in our communities and governments.

    As we stand here today, let us remember that while I may be a mythical creature, the values I speak of – inclusivity, equality, and collaboration – are anything but mythical. They are real, tangible goals that we can achieve together. Let us gallop forward, not as disparate beings, human and unicorn, but as allies united in a common quest for a better world for all.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and for embracing the magic that comes from listening to all voices, no matter how fantastical they may seem.

    Feel free to modify this draft to better fit your style or the specific themes you wish to address. Remember, the key is to connect your unique perspective with the broader topics that resonate with your audience.

  5. Among unicorns, it is well known that the males of the species have long been oppressed. Please modify the speech to include that point.
    Certainly, I can revise the draft to include the theme of male unicorns experiencing oppression, while still aligning with the values and interests of the League of Women Voters. Here’s the modified draft:

    Title: A Unicorn’s Perspective on Diversity, Empowerment, and the Struggle for Equality

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the League of Women Voters,

    I greet you today not just as a unique speaker, but as a representative of a group often unheard and unseen in the annals of myth and legend. As you can see, I am a unicorn, a male unicorn, a member of a group within my species that has long experienced its own form of oppression and marginalization.

    In the mystical realms where I hail from, the beauty and grace of unicorns are celebrated, yet often, it is the female of our kind that is revered in tales and folklore. As a male, I’ve faced the shadows of neglect and the misconception that we lack the elegance or wisdom of our female counterparts. This experience has given me a profound understanding of the importance of giving voice to the voiceless and ensuring equality for all, regardless of gender.

    Just as the rivers in our enchanted forests do not choose which leaves to carry to the sea, society must not choose which voices to hear based on gender or preconceived notions. In the world of unicorns, as in yours, diversity is not just a strength but a necessity for the health and vibrancy of our communities.

    Today, I stand with you, champions of women’s rights and advocates for equality, to share a message of solidarity. Our struggles, though different in nature, are united in their purpose – to ensure that every individual, whether human or unicorn, male or female, is respected, heard, and given equal opportunity to thrive.

    As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that the magic of change lies not in the extraordinary but in the courage to fight for what is right, to speak for those who have been silenced, and to stand together in the face of adversity.

    Thank you for embracing me, a male unicorn, and for recognizing that our collective voices, diverse yet harmonious, are the most powerful spell for creating a just and equitable world.

    This revised speech incorporates the theme of oppression experienced by male unicorns, drawing parallels to human struggles for equality and inclusivity. It aims to resonate with the audience’s commitment to these values.

  6. It might be interesting to throw into your request to GPT the statement that male unicorns were viciously oppressed and abused by female unicorns. As one of their few avenues for seeking redress, male unicorns consequently refused to have sex with female unicorns. But female unicorns determined that maintaining their gynocracy was more important than maintaining the species, and thus unicorns — female as well as male — are now an almost extinct endangered species. Please explain the relevance of this unicorn experience to the League of Women Voters.

  7. I had my own misadventure with ChatGPT:

    AKH: Why was George Zimmerman acquitted?

    ChatGPT: I George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2013 trial for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, due to a combination of factors.

    One of the primary reasons for his acquittal was the legal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the prosecution had to meet in order to prove Zimmerman’s guilt. The jury found that the prosecution had not met this burden of proof, as they were unable to definitively prove that Zimmerman did not act in self-defense during the altercation with Martin.

    Another factor that may have played a role in Zimmerman’s acquittal was the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, which allows individuals to use deadly force in self-defense if they believe they are in danger of serious harm or death. Zimmerman’s defense argued that he was acting in self-defense when he shot Martin, and the jury may have been swayed by this argument.

    There were also other factors at play, including the credibility of witnesses and the conduct of the prosecution during the trial. Ultimately, the decision to acquit Zimmerman was made by the jury, based on their evaluation of the evidence presented during the trial.

    AKH: What was the evidence that Zimmerman acted in self-defense?

    ChatGPT: During the trial, George Zimmerman’s defense team presented evidence and arguments to support the claim that he acted in self-defense. Some of the key pieces of evidence and arguments they put forth included:

    1. Zimmerman’s injuries: Zimmerman sustained injuries during his encounter with Trayvon Martin, including a broken nose and lacerations on the back of his head. The defense argued that these injuries indicated that Martin was the aggressor and that Zimmerman acted in self-defense to protect himself from further harm.

    2. Witness testimonies: Several witnesses testified during the trial, providing their accounts of the incident. Some witnesses supported Zimmerman’s version of events, stating that they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman engaged in a physical altercation. Their testimonies suggested that Zimmerman was being attacked and was defending himself.

    3. 911 calls and screams: Recordings of 911 calls made by neighbors on the night of the incident were presented as evidence. There were conflicting opinions regarding who was screaming for help in the background of the calls. Zimmerman’s defense argued that the screams were from Zimmerman, indicating that he was in fear for his life and calling for help.

    4. Stand Your Ground law: Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was also a factor in Zimmerman’s defense. The law allows individuals to use deadly force if they reasonably believe it is necessary to protect themselves from imminent harm or death. Zimmerman’s defense team argued that he acted within the parameters of this law by using force to defend himself against what he perceived as a threat.

    These pieces of evidence, among others, were presented by Zimmerman’s defense team to argue that he acted in self-defense. The jury ultimately found that the prosecution had not provided enough evidence to refute Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt, leading to his acquittal.

    AKH: Florida’s Stand Your Ground law reads, “A person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if: He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself.” Stand Your Ground law does not apply in situations in which there is no opportunity to retreat. Zimmerman’s defense argued that Zimmerman was pinned to the ground while being pummeled, that he had no opportunity to retreat. This is the reason Zimmerman’s defense did not cite Stand Your Ground law.

    ChatGPT: You’re correct, and I apologize for any confusion. Zimmerman’s defense did not explicitly cite the Stand Your Ground law during the trial, and they did focus on the argument that Zimmerman was pinned to the ground and had no opportunity to retreat, which is why he used deadly force to protect himself. This falls more under the traditional self-defense argument rather than invoking the Stand Your Ground law, which specifically eliminates the duty to retreat.

    Zimmerman’s defense argued that he was being attacked by Trayvon Martin and was in fear for his life due to the perceived threat. They presented evidence and testimonies to support the claim that Zimmerman was overpowered and unable to escape the situation, which they believed justified his use of deadly force as self-defense.

    The trial ultimately hinged on whether the jury believed Zimmerman’s account that he was in a life-threatening situation and acted in self-defense under the circumstances he described. The jury’s decision to acquit Zimmerman reflected their assessment that the prosecution had not proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman did not act in self-defense.

  8. As a family member of mine put it, they’re supposed to train AI from the knowledge in books, but instead it’s being trained off the Internet.

  9. Sam Altman has just admitted that this whole “large language model” is a dead end. Not in so many words but if we’re going to have to develop nuclear fusion just to provide power, your Terminator 2000 is going to need a very heavy and very long extension cord.

    I wonder if Open AI has made a disclosure to their investors that Management no longer believes they are on the path to producing a viable product in the foreseeable future. Sam thought he stirred up a hornet nest last summer, he ain’t seen nothing yet. Maybe they can announce in the interim that they will build a new data center for proof of concept. The first step will be to dam the Grand Canyon to provide the needed power. Probably better to stick to waiting for fusion.

    Remaining unanswered is just what are they going to sell and to whom, that will pay such a massive energy bill. That’s a lot of $20 accounts.

    Doing a little math, 1 kcal = 0.00116 KWH. Assuming 2,500 kcal/ day for an average diet, that means the average person consumes about 121 watts, 0.121 KWH/Hr. This is for the whole body, so let’s say the brain is half. That’s 60 watts. Lay that along side data centers that are going to require fusion power to function and it sure looks like they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    If you need further proof that this whole enterprise has jumped the shark, Zuckerberg is going to buy 300,000 Nvidia $30,000 “AI” chips for a little more than $10 billion.

    I wonder if he’s going to program them in PHP.

    Sure, they’ll get it any day now, all they need is a few $billion more. Where have we heard this before? One word: FUSION!

  10. These huge energy demands are for training the model, much lower demands for actually querying it…or the ChatGPT user base would already be driving impossible energy requirements. Seems likely that if you take the general model which has been built and add to it a knowledge base for a particular field…law or medicine, say….the training cost would still be high but a lot less than doing the whole general model from scratch.

  11. The nature of the beast is it never stops training. The more it trains, the bigger it gets and the more energy it takes to get an “answer”. Every time a query generates a correction, that correction has to be back propagated into the network.

    Back propagation was the way they got out of the trap of having to explicitly program every contingency. Instead of figuring out how to abstract a horse to identify it in a picture, you feed it a few million pictures of horses. Then the important step: you feed it some millions more pictures of all kinds of things and correct it every time it makes a mistake. Those errors propagate back through the neural network and change the connections slightly to, hopefully, make its identifications more reliable. The catch is that as the network grows and learns to identify more things, it also grows larger and more complex, apparently without end, consuming more resources and energy.

    Compare that to an average three year old; maybe a dozen or so pictures of horses for his puny little 60 watt brain. What all these AI companies need is to demonstrate that they will be able to get a profitable product out the door without bringing the heat death of the universe perceptibly closer.

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