Tournament of the Home Offices

Our esteemed colleague Zenpundit has initiated a tournament of the home offices, and tagged me.

How embarrassing.

Lex's home office

I don’t even have a home office. I used to, but I had to give it up to a pre-adolescent female child who needed her own room, according to her and her mother. There is a computer at my house which is really my wife’s, and my kids’, more than mine.

Whatever it is worth, that is where I blog from.

If there is a “most pathetic home office” booby prize, perhaps I am in the running for that.

Mark put up a photo of some of his books, so I do the same:

les livres de Lex

I do have a lot of books, and the couch where I read them is probably the real source of whatever I have put on here over the years, with the computer just being a glorified typewriter.

Rather than tag anyone by name, I will open this up to any ChicagoBoyz contributor who would like to put up a picture of their “BlogDesk”.

5 thoughts on “Tournament of the Home Offices”

  1. It is about as barebones as it gets. The metal folding chair is one of a set of eight such chairs I got for a dollar each from a bankrupt storefront church in Indiana. It has served me well.

  2. It’s not the look of the fountain, but the taste of the water that quenches a man’s thirst.

    Your humble litary fountain has produced many fine posts that have stimulated and satisfied all who travel by.



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