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  • New! ChicagoBoyz Tips on Raising Pets…

    Posted by Dan from Madison on May 21st, 2009 (All posts by )


    Be sure to feed your pet only the healthiest foods.

    First posted at LITGM.


    8 Responses to “New! ChicagoBoyz Tips on Raising Pets…”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Isn’t that what you’re supposed to feed them?

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Do you have any idea of how bad the canine flatulence can become after you feed the average dog cheese food?

    3. Tatyana Says:

      Oh, that’s cheese food? I thought it’s some sort of insulating foam…

    4. Dan from Madison Says:

      Sgt. Mom – gladly no, it isn’t my dog. Or cat. Whatever it is. And I think I read somewhere that there were anchovies in Cheez Whiz, so how bad can it be?

    5. Laura(southernxyl) Says:

      My cat enjoyed a little whipped cream the other day.

    6. Rumour Says:

      Ugh…my Frenchies are flatulent enough even without processed cheese food…

    7. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Yes, Tatyana – processed cheese food can be used as insulating foam. It can also be used to re-glue peeling linoleum flooring.

    8. Tatyana Says:

      Processed cheese food: almost as many household uses as duct tape!