10 thoughts on “Service Interruption”

  1. Ahh, the joy of applying updates to production web servers.

    Gets the adrenaline going, don’t it?

  2. Very cool

    I like the latest version of word press a lot from a writer standpoint

    Also now all my drafts are popping up on my page – I have cleanup to do!

    Thanks for running this

  3. I am seeing the characters in IE as well. For example the first sentence on faddish leftism is weird characters – in this sentence, for example…

    While people in Zimbabwe starve

  4. Something similar happened when we switched from Movable Type to WordPress. Maybe the default settings for encoding formatting characters (apostrophes, dashes, italics, etc.) changed. I can correct the problem by editing individual posts, but I am looking for a fix that I can apply easily to the entire database.

  5. I should add that the problem is only with old posts, so contributors should not hesitate to publish new posts. Everything published from now on should look OK.

  6. Jonathan.
    I just got a “you’ve already said that, we’re deleting your second comment” message. Wonderful! For people like me that have limited patience, it is often demonstrated by my stupid double commenting. Is this new? It seems like a great addition.

  7. Ginny, It’s a new feature that I didn’t know about until you mentioned it. I for one don’t like it, but I’m glad you do since I don’t know how to deactivate it. I would much prefer if the developers stopped adding features to the software and instead worked mainly on fixing bugs. Instead they keep adding things and inevitably introduce security flaws that must be fixed by additional time-consuming upgrades. I suppose this is the cost of “free” software.

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