11 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Makes the Village Voice”

  1. I wonder if when Obama dies there will be mass hysteria and stampedes reminiscent of Stalin’s death and funeral.

  2. Methinks: I hope by that time he’ll be just a line in a history textbook, so lives of silly worshipers of African-type tyrant are spared.
    What i wonder – when his action become transparent enough for enough people to kick him out of the White House.

  3. Ha, I guess I validated someone’s prejudices (Those wingnuts are wrong about everything, but here’s one who doesn’t like Fox News, so that proves we’re right…).


  4. Old saying about artists: judge the art and not the artist. Jackson was great. Media circus milking it, of course, but they are a commercial enterprise and
    want to make lots of money–you believe in that, right? They cater to the public and this, alas, is what the public seems to want. Just turn away and tend your own garden…do not expect much from the media, as experience should have already taught you.

    Obama? Don’t underestimate his place in history books this early. Simply having broken the color barrier will make him the Jackie Robinson of politics…can you recall Robinson’s hitting record (achievement)?

  5. Nathan,

    What struck me was that no one in big-media management saw the media’s extreme focus on Jackson as an opportunity to go against the herd. The media people would no doubt say that they know their business and that going with the herd in this kind of situation is the right thing to do. I’m skeptical of this argument. I think there’s a big enough audience for serious news that Fox, for example, could have done well with less Jackson.

    It’s true that the media are giving most of the public what they want, but it’s also true that not all of the public want sensationalism at the expense of coverage of everything else. Maybe the broadcast business model only works if every media outlet piles on the latest Jackson-type news, but maybe not.

    As to Jackson’s music I am agnostic. However, as I wrote elsewhere on this blog I don’t think Jackson was admirable as a person and I don’t think it’s a good idea to celebrate him — to put it mildly.

  6. So, where are the hordes of angry trolls from Village Voice? Are they pulverized immediately upon entering Chicagoboyz atmosphere? let a couple of them pass the filters, would you?
    Or maybe they’re just busy worshiping the Passed-on Idol of the Moment.

  7. So, where are the hordes of angry trolls from Village Voice?

    I haven’t seen any. This could be because Voice readers agree with my post, or maybe the Voice’s link to us (far down the page) didn’t generate much traffic. Some topics tend to generate angry comments, some don’t.

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