We Are Number One!

The headline reads “US demand for handguns driving world gun trade.”

More than half of all of the legally imported handguns in the world, and about 43% of the total imported shotguns, are sent to the United States. While international trade in weapons has boomed in the past decade, it is largely fueled by sales in handguns.

Self defense, baby! And I’m a part of it!

Just trying to do what I can to make the world a better place, and expand the global marketplace.

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3 thoughts on “We Are Number One!”

  1. On that exact score – there is literally no 9mm handgun ammo to be found practically anywhere in the US. My dad is traveling across the USA and is quite diligent about going to every Walmart and Cabelas and – nothing.

    There is a lot of demand but I also heard that the manufacturers are running their plants 24/7 to have a lot of inventory “grandfathered” in if Obama goes thru with plans (unlikely) to require a serial # on every bullet.

  2. Demand may be higher in Iran. Unfortunately, the supply seems non-existent. Hope this will soon change.

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