Does our Prime Minister have nothing else to do?

It comes to something when the Prime Minister of a country that is in the middle of a serious political, economic and, let’s face it, spiritual crisis can think of nothing better to do with his time than to become involved in a stupid Twitter campaign to persuade Americans that the NHS, well-known for its expense, incompetence and low standards (for a rich Western country) is absolutely wonderful.

Coupled with the most extraordinary hysteria that has once again pushed any notion of a real British debate about healthcare as far away from political discussion as possible, this has not been an edifying spectacle.

I have a rant with more details on Your Freedom and Ours. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Does our Prime Minister have nothing else to do?”

  1. Enjoyed this and your rant as well. Being hectored by the British is annoying. And it is little better to feel hectored by the EU.

  2. If it makes you feel any better Ginny, we do not like being hectored by that lot either. You may have noticed that opinion of politicians is at an all-time low. Well, maybe it was lower in the eighteenth century. The media is desperately losing money and BBC people whinge that “everybody hates them”. :)

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