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  • Does our Prime Minister have nothing else to do?

    Posted by Helen on August 15th, 2009 (All posts by )

    It comes to something when the Prime Minister of a country that is in the middle of a serious political, economic and, let’s face it, spiritual crisis can think of nothing better to do with his time than to become involved in a stupid Twitter campaign to persuade Americans that the NHS, well-known for its expense, incompetence and low standards (for a rich Western country) is absolutely wonderful.

    Coupled with the most extraordinary hysteria that has once again pushed any notion of a real British debate about healthcare as far away from political discussion as possible, this has not been an edifying spectacle.

    I have a rant with more details on Your Freedom and Ours. Enjoy.


    2 Responses to “Does our Prime Minister have nothing else to do?”

    1. Ginny Says:

      Enjoyed this and your rant as well. Being hectored by the British is annoying. And it is little better to feel hectored by the EU.

    2. Helen Says:

      If it makes you feel any better Ginny, we do not like being hectored by that lot either. You may have noticed that opinion of politicians is at an all-time low. Well, maybe it was lower in the eighteenth century. The media is desperately losing money and BBC people whinge that “everybody hates them”. :)