10 thoughts on “I’m Such a Geek, Part 233,426”

  1. I confess—me too. Although, in my lame defense, where I live sports are under the Big 10. I can’t imagine getting that mixed up with some alphabet government agency, but as I slouch toward senility, I suppose anything’s possible.

  2. I thought the same thing when I read your post and I live in Florida, home of a Southeastern Conference team that is the reigning National champion of college football.

  3. I must confess. I clicked to the link wondering how the notion of “fans” would be applied to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once there I felt foolish and slinked away.

  4. I thought nothing on reading it. Have no associations with abbreviation.

    However, when someone once mentioned Boca in football-themed conversation, I thought it weird of him to bring in National Building Code (or, rather, “Building Officials and Code Administrators International”).

  5. My reaction to ‘SEC’ was the same. I just had to read the article then, to see what could be considered a fan of the Securities Exchange Commission.

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