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  • More Caption Contest

    Posted by Carl from Chicago on August 22nd, 2009 (All posts by )

    Caption Contest

    This one might be too easy… picture includes 1) Obama prints 2) a stuffed chicken 3) a red star


    7 Responses to “More Caption Contest”

    1. Andrew_M_Garland Says:

      One, Two, Three strikes your out at the old, ball, gaaaaame.

    2. bgates Says:

      Obama 2012: A Chicken In Every Store that also has five pictures of Obama in the window

    3. newrouter Says:

      “and pasting failed socialist ideas”

    4. Jack Coupal Says:

      Obama is to the right of the Soviet Union, but not by much.

    5. steve b Says:

      Ah yes Red Star Printing(A company I used to work for did business with these guys). Even the Chicoms like Obama.

    6. J. L. Says:

      All hail to our glorious dear leader, who leads us on the shining path to socialism, in either single or double-sided.

    7. J. L. Says:

      Wait… how about this one:

      After the health care system was fully socialized, the Obama administration turned its attention to more serious matters: the full and complete nationalization of KFC.