4 thoughts on “Don’t be an anarchist’s sucker”

  1. It says a lot about the built in biases of the modern media that they use the “anarchist” own description of themselves in the news reports. In fact, even a brief perusal of the anarchist webs sites show them to be stuffed with quotes from Marx and and other socialist.

    How could an “anarchist” possible oppose free-trade? The opposite of unfree-trade after all is the imposition of import/export controls by the violence monopoly of the state. How could “anarchist” come down repeatedly on the side of increased state control in every facet of life?

    The “anarchist” are in fact, nothing but extreme leftists who are to much of wimps to call themselves communist.

    The strategy of provoking the police/military into attacking peaceful people is also a textbook communist tactic taken straight from Che.

  2. Robert Schwartz – The problem being referred to here is the modern US anarchist movement’s penchant for using human shields. Live ammo does not help in those sorts of situations in general.

    Shannon Love – I don’t find the media’s use of the anarchists’ self-title objectionable. What I find objectionable is their hypocrisy in not doing it across the board. Tea baggers anybody?

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