Would you apply for a racist firm?

I can’t tell if it’s a joke but there’s currently a Chicago Craigslist ad seeking only white males for a network admin job.

Considering the situation of our economy and the fact that almost every company in the Great City of Chicago is practicing racial profiling when it pertains to hiring, we will be straight forward and save a lot of time by asking that ONLY WHITE MALES apply for this position, since that is whom we are going to hire anyway.

I’m currently job hunting right now. I submitted my resume mostly to see what sort of train wreck this company is. Since I belong to a tiny religious minority and while I have a genetic mix that can pass visual inspection it doesn’t really match classic American racist requirements, I would have to be much more desperate than I am now to really consider these guys for a job. Oh, my tolerance for idiots is also probably set too low.

Unless it is a joke or some sort of false flag operation, this is a company that’s going to have its finances ruined by the upcoming class action suit. Explicit white racism is not something that lends itself to them making payroll for any length of time.

So how would you take advantage of the situation?

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  1. Sounds like a false flag to me-no one is so stupid as to be that open about it.
    To be fair,doing what is illegal can be perfectly sensible if only because our laws make hiring people from “protected” groups a riskier proposition.If I hire someone from a certain group and they don’t work out and I fire them, they can extort a settlement by claiming racism or some other kind of …ism. Who needs that?
    The gov’t should not be involved in employment decisions-period.Only exception-forcing employees to engage in fraud or other such criminal conduct.
    One further point- when my wife needed surgery we turned down one doctor because of his ethnicity. He might have been OK ,but knowing that Med School admissions are subject to AA we were notgoing to gamble our health on it. Why risk an Obama surgeon?
    We would not have had to make a superficially racist decision if it werent for the bigotry of academic admissions.

  2. It is probably a hoax.
    Although let me tell you – so many big companies have an online application’ forms ending up with a page where they ask you to reveal your race/ethnicity/gender, all the while swearing it will not affect your chances – and then never reply to you even with a rejection letter – then one starts thinking: maybe I should have hit the other button on that “identity” page…

  3. Sounds like they’re just accusing everybody but themselves of being white racists. Probably not a real ad at all; sounds like somebody having trouble finding a job, and he’s getting frustrated, and posted a fake ad to blow off some steam. And it may in fact be true that his race is turning people off. Racism certainly still exists, even if it’s not as bad as it was decades ago.

    However, it’s also true that a lot of equally well qualified white people are sending out a lot of resumes in this economy and not getting hired either. That’s why they keep saying we’re in a recession.

  4. 1.) Define what you mean by racist.
    2.) Is a woman sexist if she prefers a female OB/GYN rather than an equally qualified male OB/GYN.
    3.) Do you value diversity? Wouldn’t an all-white firm be different (diverse) than a mixed firm? Isn’t diversity supposed to be good and valued?
    4.) Do you support the abridgment of the freedom of association?

    Again, how are you using the word racist.

    In the end though, I too think that the adv. is a hoax. They can achieve the same ends, hiring their desired candidate, without the drama and grief that would fall on them with such a blatant declaration. The fact that they’re willing to be dramatic signals to me that they’re more interested in the drama than the results.

  5. We are a company that has its hands in the Financial, Trading, Law, Medical Associations, Manufacturing, Fundraising, Employment Services, City Services, Local Government, and State government, Higher Education, Broadcasting services, Information Technology Services and Insurance industries.

    An obvious hoax or trap.

    Good fortune with your job search.

  6. This smacks of a undercover tv ploy to demonstrate white racism. The strategy is to go in and interview as a liberal. Expound on all aspects of liberalism and the great Democrat leaders of the past who favored segregation at one time or another (Wilson, Robert Byrd, Wallace, FDR, Fullbright, etc.)

  7. It’s long been known that the tech side of the computer industry is a diversity wasteland. It’s 90% white and asian males. This is purely a matter of self-selection that begins when people are teenagers. True skill in computers is something that takes years of experience and a subset of white and asian males start down that path very early (teens usually) which gives them a serious head start over people who get into computers in college or later. This in turn means that in any applicant pool, the overwhelming majority of the best qualified people will be white and asian males. I imagine that in Chicago with its low percentage of asians in the general population, that the pool will be mostly white.

    It is quite possible that someone who is not a white male looking for a job in IT has seen white male and white male hired over them and then lept to the conclusion there is some racist intent.

    In Cryptonomicon, Neil Stephenson had the humorous observation that since the tech side of computer companies where so dominated by white and asian males that HR people tried to compensate by cramming a much diversity as possible into the mail room and secretarial pool. In the novel, they try to hire individuals with the most diverse heritage, confusing genders, sexual orientation etc preferable all in one person.

    On the other hand, perhaps the ad is the result of a frustrated HR person. HR gets hammered if the company isn’t diverse enough. I’ve seen an HR director hand deliver a resume for, IIRC, a black female to a tech manager. He acted as if he was carrying it on satin pillow because it was such a so rare and precious item. It’s easy to envision some harassed HR person finally snapping after years of being unable to a non-white male who was at the top of the applicant pool.

  8. NO ,you can’t openly say anything but,but in academia in any soft field,forget about it if you are Melanin challenged.

  9. This ad is a casting call for the part of a a criminal in a Brinks Home Security ad – all thus far are white males

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