5 thoughts on “Frank Zappa – Watermelon in Easter Hay”

  1. Frank a long time liberal hated the right wing. Disc one of that set, Watermelon is 12 of disc two, has “Republicans” … not a love song.

    More interesting perhaps is the last song of disc two “It Ain’t Necessarily the Saint James Infirmary” which is “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “The Saint James Infirmary” played as one tune.

    He is twisting in his grave, his music was not made for you.

  2. “Frank a long time liberal hated the right wing” (pengun)

    Frank Zappa on more than one occasion claimed himself to be a “Conservative;” just not a religious Conservative. He also wrote songs mocking Jesse Jackson, the Grateful Dead, hippies, feminists.

  3. PenGun – there are a lot of people who I disagree with politically that I listen to. I also read their books, listen to their newscasts, etc. So what?

    I will actually pay money to see some of these people live at times. Oh, but the music isn’t for me? Doesn’t say so on the ticket. To me it is simply a choice of me exchanging my money and time to enjoy their performance.

    I would assume that there are many people in the Chicago Symphony that didn’t vote the way that I did in the last election, but I will still go see them on occasion.

    Life is too short PenGun, live it a little.

  4. PenGun, you may have noticed that some of the Chicago Boyz are not especially fond of the Republican party, either. Zappa was dedicated, above all, to personal and artistic freedom. He despised phonies, control freaks, drugs, government, violence, political correctness, censorship, racism, conformity, and pretty much anyone who refused to stay out of his hair. Describing him as a liberal (because of his expressed sympathy for the downtrodden) is not much more accurate than calling him a monarchist (he did, after all, run the band as a benevolent despot). The best description of his views would probably be anarcho-capitalist.

    Have you forgotten his testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee, chaired by Sen. Hollings (D SC)? Or Tipper Gore’s involvement in the censorship effort (“A couple of bl0wj0bs here and there and Bingo! – you get a hearing”)?

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