Chicago Boyz and Girls (Girlz?) at Play

On a recent Friday afternoon I visited Lex at his office, where we discussed the usual politics and developed a robust libertarian/conservative dinner strategy. Mrs. Lex soon joined us and we set off for the excellent Reza’s, where we met up with some blogging colleagues and a few interlopers. We ate, drank, discussed interesting things and had a good time. Here are some photos.

Thursday Night: Reconnaissance

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A Dog As Priest?

This is from the “No comment” sections of the EuroNews website. Their description of the section: “Images speak for themselves: the most striking pictures from around the world, unedited, with original sound: draw your own conclusion”. Even so I’d like to know what is really going on in this Real Video Stream (doesn’t work directly, please see the update below). It looks as if a dog is dressed as a Shinto priest and then participates in a religious ceremony; his handler is turning the pages of the prayer-book for him. I googled around but could find no reference of dogs joining the Shinto clergy, so my interpretation is probably wrong. Here is the No comment section and this is the English language main page of EuroNews, in case somebody’s interested. They have a pro-EU bias, but some of the footage at their website is quite interesting. Update: The direct link to the stream doesn’t work, so I took it down. Just go to the No comment section and click on the video stream from Tsuru, Japan.

The Reviews Are In!

Iain Murray (following Chad Dimpler) directs us to the latest release by one of the giants of our culture.

. . . Hasselhoff’s soothing voice- a voice that many compare to a polar bear mauling a box of weasels.

[. . .]

With every “Ooh Yeah”, “Baby” and “Whoa”, Dennis Handelshaft pushes his bowels to their very limit; what emerges is always solid.

Don’t miss it.