Historical Irony of the Day

Apropos of nothing, I learn from Mexicans back home after months lost in Pacific, which is about several men who involuntarily undertook a harrowing journey of several thousand miles, that the Mexican AG is named Daniel Cabeza de Vaca, thereby sharing a surname with the early Spanish explorer of Mexico, who involuntarily undertook a harrowing journey of several thousand miles (the subject of a strange but intriguing movie fifteen years ago).

Voting With Your Joystick

My fridge crapped out on me some months ago. I bought a new one from Sears and paid extra to have the old one hauled away to the dump. They contracted the heavy lifting out to a couple of guys with their own truck.

When they showed up I noticed two things right away. The first was that they had heavy Latin American accents, which is hardly surprising considering that both were from Venezuela. The second is that they were very surprised that I was willing to help them with the grunt work.

All of the doors in the house were too small to get the old fridge out. (How did it get in there? When they were building the house, did they install the kitchen appliances before framing the doors?) I dumped the box on the floor and took my ten pound sledge to the cooling coils on the back, pounding them flat. The contractors stood around and chatted with me while I worked out my frustrations.

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