Not All Borders Are Land Borders

It’s been pretty obvious that the Biden administration and their supporters have wanted the southern border to be substantially open.  But for some reason, they don’t seem to have extended this idea to other ways of entering the US:  airports and seaports.  I haven’t seen any proposal to eliminate the customs & immigration facilities at international airports, or at passenger-handing seaports.

Why not?  It would certainly be more convenient for all international travelers, and especially for those who want to migrate to the US:  no traveling through deserts, jungles and swamps, no need to fear robbery, murder, and rape on the way, no need to pay off the drug cartels.  Just buy an airline ticket: surely much more affordable than the other path, as well as more convenient, considering the high extortion payments demanded by the cartels.

What would be the reason why open-borders advocates do not push for this logical extension of their ideas?

One hypothesis might be that the people who buy airline tickets would include a higher mix of financially-better-off people than those who are willing to make the grueling trip across the southern border…and those people would be (a) less-likely to vote for Democratic candidates, and (b) more likely to compete for jobs held by members of key groups within the Democratic constituency.

Any other theories?

Further Adventures in Book Marketing

Well, no one ever really considered our family or anyone in it as cutting-edge … although it might be fairly argued that we were mosying so slowly along behind everyone else in our practices and preferences that the cutting-edge, tres-up to the minute actually came around full circle in the last half-decade and caught up to us at last. Home-made everything, home vegetable garden, chores for children, no television, tidy small houses and abstention from debt of every sort, from student to credit-card … an enthusiasm for all such things are now apparently trendy and forward-thinking.

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