Election Shocker – McCain out polls Romney!!??

As  I was perusing the flotsam and jetsam sloshing around in the swamps after last night’s storm, I came across this surprising (shocking really) bit of information.

Turnout was way down this election, and McCain may well have gotten more votes than Romney when it’s all over.

In 2008, Obama won a whopping 69 million votes and poor McCain was just short of 60 million. This year, with a few million votes left to count as things trickle in, Romney is at 57 million, and Obama has yet to break (but likely will) McCain’s 59,934,814.

Let this sink in…

Romney/Ryan got fewer (or roughly the same)  votes as McCain/Palin.

Obama lost around 9 million votes from 2008, and still won re-election.

What happened?

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