New Year’s Eve, 2023

On New Year’s, I’m always reminded of a thought from the late and very great Neptunus Lex:

“I’ve often wished that you could split at each important choice in life. Go both ways, each time a fork in the road came up. Compare notes at the end, those of us that made it to the clearing at the end of the path. Tell it all over a tumbler of smokey, single malt.”

Also, this song seems appropriate after the year that has passed.

And Ruxandra Teslo offers a suggestion:

We are approaching New Year’s Eve: a time when we should all reflect on what we’re grateful for. It’s easy to compare oneself with others and feel like smth is missing. But why not think about how we have it much better than in the past?

She offers some examples.

Happy New Year to all Chicago Boyz and Grrlz and Readerz!