Mayor Saves Damsel in Distress From Violent Femmes by Waving His Iron Bar Around

Think I’m pulling your leg? Think again! Put this down as solid proof to the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

A climate change filmmaker and lobbyist is accosted by a gang of ne’er-do-well girls, one of which is carrying an iron bar. The victim is physically handled, shoved up against a car, and threatened. Then Boris Johnson, the Mayor of old London town, just happens to pedal on by. He stops to lend a hand, even going so far as picking up the iron bar and using it to help convince the gang to clear off.

I’m a fully accredited self defense instructor with close to two decades experience in the trade. What do you think would happen to me if I had been the one to stop and help? Johnson is damn lucky that he is the Mayor!

The old saying would have you believe that a Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged by reality. The filmmaker certainly would fit the bill, but don’t expect her to change her political stripe any time soon.

(Hat top to Milo, and cross posted at Hell in a Handbasket.)

2 thoughts on “Mayor Saves Damsel in Distress From Violent Femmes by Waving His Iron Bar Around”

  1. Well big, bad Boris screwed up mightily…

    Film-maker and climate change activist Ms Armstrong was walking home when she was approached by the group of hoodie-wearing girls‘…

    We need another one of these clowns like we need another Al Gore…

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