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  • New! – Shoes of the Chicagoboyz

    Posted by Jonathan on December 17th, 2009 (All posts by )

    incredible beauty

    Dead Sexy: A prominent Chicagoboy shows some foot at a society function.

    (A previous Chicagoboyz fashion update is here.)


    10 Responses to “New! – Shoes of the Chicagoboyz”

    1. Mrs. Davis Says:

      Looks like the same pair I wore in college. But the scuff by the big toe had grown to a real hole by the time they went in the dumpster. I’d say you’ve got a good 2 years left for that one, more if you wear galoshes.

    2. onparkstreet Says:

      Cute photo and caption.

      This CB/G bought the following shoes, recently:

    3. Michael Kennedy Says:

      Now that one looks like a Chicago shoe, complete with slush salt staining. The one about is too clean looking. Maybe a summer shoe.

    4. Michael Kennedy Says:

      That should read, “the one above.” Old age is trying.

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      Actually, a newer shoe. The salt stains will show up soon.

    6. ElamBend Says:

      I’m betting military history is being discussed above this shoe.

    7. chris Says:

      Time for a proper burial.

    8. AlanH (Buanadha) Says:

      I have a 2 pairs of old Florsheim Kenmoors (from back when they were made in the US, in black and brown) that are about 20 years old. It’s amazing how long they last when you put a Topy on the bottom, only wear them one day and then rotate to the other, and give them a nice polish with some shoe cream every couple of weeks.

    9. JB Says:

      White sox at a function? You wouldn’t be NFL super flopper Gino Torretta, would you? He showed up to the Heisman ceremony wearing a black suit with white sox. You can polish those wingtips up too.

    10. Tatyana Says:

      Thanks for the reminder of a previous CB fashion installment.
      Good times.