The “Saddam TV Appearance”

Saddam Hussein appears:

– In the open, during the day, in a city over which satellites and U.S. aircraft fly with impunity.

– In a city where U.S. spies and spec-ops troops are known to be present. (Remember the pinpoint bombing attack that opened the war?)

– In a city many of whose residents want Hussein gone.

– Surrounded by people, some of whom are armed.

– Next to a major road as traffic streams by.

– Dressed for cool weather.

Yeah, maybe it’s real. More likely it’s a paste-up of old videos. Or perhaps it’s a staged event using a Hussein impersonator — though I doubt it, because the inappropriateness of the clothing points more to the first explanation. It doesn’t even make sense that this video shows Hussein earlier in the war, because, if that were the case, why did the Iraqis wait until now to broadcast it?