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The Poles remember:
“The WW2 memorial service was for the victims of the 1940 Katyn massacre where thousands of 22,000 Polish prisoners of war were murdered by the Soviet NKVD, a massacre that Russia has never apologized for.”

An accident happens:
President, wife, the head of the Polish army, the head of the presidential administration, The Army chief of staff, National Bank President, and Deputy Foreign Minister are now dead.

Truth will out:
Putin will investigate.

Life is so full of accidents, it is generally best not to first fasten on conspiracies. History often seems told by someone with vast reserves of irony.

And I resent the Czechs who explain to me conspiracies they believe led to Kennedy’s death. Outsiders’s theories are seldom welcome. But Putin is no Warren. And if a Pole in the comments cautions against such theories (and sometimes tragedy is used as ideology and loss as pawn), another commentor observes that anyone who has been following Russian history during the last year is less likely to be surprised. (blogprof has detail & speculation)

3 thoughts on “Irony?”

  1. Such pain. How can people bear it?

    I’m glad the era of European power-politics is over, even if only temporarily.

  2. “Life is so full of accidents, it is generally best not to first fasten on conspiracies.”

    Yes, but prudent men pray for peace and prepare for war.

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