1st Annual Draw Mohammed Day Announced

Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor is sponsoring Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, May 20th. Reason Magazine improved on this by naming it an annual event, and offering to post the best ones on their site.

The reason to do this is the dingbats of ‘the religion of peace’ have taken a sensible measure against idolatry in the form of worshiping Mohammed and twisted it into a measure that threatens violence if anybody makes any depiction of Mohammed, no matter how removed from reality. This has come up practically in South Park (yes, that South Park) as Comedy Central has recently censored a bear suit Mohammed as well as an episode finish speech on the value of not giving in to intimidation that does not mention Mohammed at all.
I look forward to all the art classes in our area participating in this important exercise in free speech… oh who am I kidding. Those of you with the guts to do this, I look forward to seeing your efforts.

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6 thoughts on “1st Annual Draw Mohammed Day Announced”

  1. I was lucky enough to buy several of the bomb-in-the-turban Mohammeds and gave them as gifts to insensitive friends. I still have one left. My art skills have deteriorated since art school but I could use it as a model.

  2. Multiculti political correctness, enforced by our political class and media, has driven thoughtful criticism of Islamic fundamentalism underground in mainstream western circles. Many non-Muslims, weary of accusations of racism from leftists and threats from jihadist sympathizers, long ago started to think: screw them all. This is unfortunate for the many Muslims who are not our enemies, but it was inevitable once Bush started using absurd newspeak about the “religion of peace”. Non-Muslims know that their own elites aren’t serious about defeating the jihadists, and pro-western Muslims know that nobody will protect them from jihadist intimidation. Of course Obama has only made this situation worse with his frank anti-Americanism, appeasement of enemy regimes, and rejection of popular democratic movements in the same countries whose dictators he solicits. This will not end well for Muslims.

  3. Re. Jonathan’s point: We tend to forget in systems like this it is democide that murders the masses. War is not nearly as deadly and occasionally ends the democide.

  4. Narcissism is the issue even more than blasphemy.

    The point of Draw Mohammed Day is to prick the overinflated baloon that Muslims carry…they participate in the toxi narcissism of Mohammed who murdered those who did not agree with him.

    Malignant toxic narcissism only damages and destroys lives. It is the model of the anthill projected on the world.

    We all need to do our part to stop this cruel cult.

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