Getting In On The Action

I had never heard of Nikki Haley until a few days ago.

She is an elected member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, and she decided to run for Governor of that state. Married to a career military officer for the past 13 years, they have two children.

All well and good. But it seems that those who oppose her candidacy are throwing as much mud as they can in an attempt to turn voters against her. As this op-ed details, the biggest clod came from a member of her own party.

It all began in late May when Will Folks, a minor-league Republican operative turned blogger, claimed that he had a sexual relationship with Haley in 2007. The dignity that Folks brings to journalism is encapsulated in his latest blog post: “I have purposely refrained from discussing the physical details of my relationship with Rep. Haley. Believe it or not, I am a Southern gentleman.”

And that is not all. A fellow named Larry Marchant also came forward to claim that he and Ms. Haley had a one night stand back in 2007. His credibility was immediately called into question when it came to light that he is a paid consultant for one of Ms. Haley’s political opponents.

When I came across this turgid tale of bare-knuckle politics run amok I was struck by how Mr. Folks, the blogger and alleged hunk of man candy, described himself. “Believe it or not, I am a Southern gentleman.”

I’m a blogger myself, although I am not from the South. And I don’t recall that anyone has ever said that I was a gentleman. But I would like to go on record as saying that I have never, ever had an affair with Ms. Haley. Heck, we have never even met! And I have the phone records to prove that we have never exchanged even a single call.

Something tells me that this revelation will give Ms. Haley a 15 point jump at the polls!

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

12 thoughts on “Getting In On The Action”

  1. In the days of the classic gentleman, southern or otherwise, someone would have challenged the SOB to a duel.

    Even after the age of dueling, I understand that many states had laws under which a false attack on a woman’s chastity was considered libel *per se*, ie, damages were assumed and didn’t have to be proved.

  2. Kathleen Parker, who has a mysterious reputation as a conservative columnist, writes an incomprehensible column on this matter.

    It bears mentioning that the players in this little drama are not equals. I’ve known Folks, a take-no-prisoners political blogger, for years and take him at his word when he says that a story was about to break about his alleged relationship. Recently married and a new father, he says he was attempting damage control when he broke the story himself.

    I also know Haley and take her at her word when she denies the allegations. But let’s get at the deeper truth and ask: Is this really where we want our politics to go? Are only perfect people acceptable for public service?

    So, there you have it. They are both telling the truth. Thank God for columnists.

  3. Whether or not one is truly a Southern Gentleman, you can NEVER make that claim.

    At best, one can only confess to the modest aspiration to live up to gentlemanly standards.

    Mrs. Haley’s husband is showing remarkable self-restraint in this matter. People have been shot for a lot less – and gotten off legally. Reminds me of Mr. Todd Palin.

  4. True or false, it’s a clever political attack that is difficult to defend against. The accusation works even better if more than one person makes it, even if the accusers are lying.

  5. Ain’t no mo’ Southern Gentlemen, jes’ dry-gulchin’ redneck peckerwood trash what call themselves such.

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