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Andrew Garland, commenting on this post by David Foster:

A tyranny is not just one willful man, but a large faction that says the law and constitution does not matter. If the populace is so stupid as to support or endure this lawlessness, then we have an established tyranny.
This is asymmetrical warfare. The Democrats flout the law, then say “under the law, you can’t do anything except vote us out”. The desire for law and order among most people is used as a shield against any action to stop the lawbreaking of that group.
Obama’s and the Democrat’s actions are not just allowing more destruction by oil in the Gulf. They are weakening the rule of law, or possibly are revealing that the law in our great country is a thin tissue, long hiding the arbitrary power of the government and the tyranny of Congress.

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  1. The greater risk is the EPA assumption of control of carbon emissions. The Democrats, all but six of them in the Senate, refused to stop this arbitrary and capricious action. The Gulf spill will be gone in a couple of years. The economic damage of carbon rationing will take much longer to recover.

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