Muffs, Lisa Marr

So Fannie Mae is going to go down the toilet, bring on a global depression and put us all in the bread line. I hate that. Especially since I don’t understand it.

So, turning away from cosmic disaster, let us briefly consider some pleasant news, however trivial, for a change.

The Muffs have a new website up. It is pretty cool. It’s got a bunch of videos and several complete songs on it. It also contains the bittersweet news that their new album won’t be out until February 2004. “Oh, OK. I see. (sniff).” The pain of the wait is partly assuaged by the two snippets of new songs. (Go to Muffs media, audio, down the bottom labeled “web exclusives”). These two delectable musical morsels entitled “Feel It” and “Just the Beginning” demonstrate that Ms. Kim Shattuck has got her pop mojo working red hot again. Woo hoo. These samples bode well for the new album. The message board is filling up with the usual silliness. One detail is that Ms. S. posted, assuring her fans that she would in fact unleash her legendary scream on the new record. It’s been a while.

Meanwhile a (reliable) little red bird tells me that despite various severe but unspecified travails the new Lisa Marr record will be out in September. Fingers crossed on that one. Lex is one of her more fanatical fans, and eagerly awaits this one — which no less a critic than Kim Shattuck says is going to be her best one yet. Watch this space for further news on these critical developments.

(Captain Mojo had a post here — to which I appended an even longer comment, praising Ms. Marr’s last record.)

4 thoughts on “Muffs, Lisa Marr”

  1. Lisa Marr is alright. I know this because Lex, aware of my shocking musical ignorance, took pity and sent me a LME disk. It came with a charming note from Lisa herself, which I thought was cool. The music is OK too.

  2. Lex also turned me on to Lisa Marr a while back, and now 4AM is one of my all-time favorite CDs. Quality stuff.

    I was wondering when we’d be getting a new disc. Here’s hoping the September release date holds…

  3. Just want to make sure you all knew that the new LMX album was indeed released in September. It’s entitled American Jitters and it’s on Sympathy For The Record Industry.

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