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    Posted by Dan from Madison on August 16th, 2010 (All posts by )

    summer2010 062

    Although Jonathan is very much in shape and we are all proud of his awesome figure, I think it is time for perhaps something new at the top of the blog, like four St. Charles spaniels being taken for a walk in a buggy with a fan attached (note the rear of the vehicle) to keep them cool and comfortable.


    5 Responses to “Photo”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      This is not the Iditarod I used to know.

    2. renminbi Says:

      Cavalier King Charles or possibly English Toy Spaniels.

      We love our dogs which is why dogs should be allowed to be dogs and to do what dogs do-like walk on their own four feet.

    3. Mike Everett Says:

      They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. English toys, or King Charles Spaniels, have pug noses. These four don’t.

      There are two types shown in the picture – two tricolors (black,red,and white markings) and two Blenheims (red and white markings).

    4. Dan from Madison Says:

      Whoops, I stand corrected.

    5. tehag Says:

      What has been done to breed dogs that don’t jump out to run and sniff freely?