4 thoughts on “Multi-Culti Thought Police”

  1. Holy cow. That is truly frightening. At age 44, I recently reread 1984 (prompted, in no small part, by Christopher Hitchens) and was far more frightened by the book this time than I was the first time I read it, maybe 25 years ago. I think the difference is that I’m more aware of how delicate the fabric of freedom is and how easily it is lost by originally well-meaning but ultimately over-reaching democratically elected governments. The socialist nanny state metamorphisizes into tyranny and fascism very easily (thank you, Mr. Hayek).
    Still, thought crimes and thought police in the UK. Holy cow.

  2. “….having to deal with the aggresive, dangerous, vicious behaviour of too many blacks.”

    I don’t think you’d ever see that sentence written here in the US. The p.c.- stormtroopers are firmly entrenched here. I thought that Britian had dodged the jackboot up to now. It sounds like they’re catching up, maybe even getting ready to overtake us.

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