10 thoughts on “The Ting Tings, That’s Not My Name (2008)”

  1. Two years ago at Lollapalooza my wife and I got up front and saw them at the main stage at noon they put on a great show. Agreed this isn’t the official video there was another one with day-glo signs and stuff that was interesting but this way you see more of Stacey or whatever her name is :) which is good.

  2. Whatever, and I’ll never know because a sign came up on the screen saying that Vevo, whoever they are when they’re at home, has blocked the video because of copyright content.

  3. Great tune; great band (though I prefer Shut Up And Let Me Go). Don’t care what the political affiliation is! Superior convertible music.

  4. ….but, but: I get ALL of my political directives from entertainers in popular culture! I mean, why analyze a really complex problem that makes my head hurt when I can just read People and find out how Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga feel about it? If the two of them disagree, I usually default to Britney or Lindsey (no last names needed) as a tiebreaker.

  5. Of course, I’d never heard of this group, but my 10 year old saw the video playing on my laptop and has been humming the tune since—thanks:))

  6. My daughter had her Sweet 16 party of few weeks ago.

    After I set up the sound system, that’s the song I used to ring it in.

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