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I’m often critical of the big school – but where it is good, it is damn good. I always liked to hire e.t.s because they were generally a polite, hard working and practical lot. That was Hall’s major. But getting a copy job out on time isn’t the same as saving 33 miners; their “can do” does the little and it does the big. Here’s the story from a local perspective: Aggie Recalls. (Fox Interview, Old Ags)

First paragraph:
Gregory Hall fielded media interviews Wednesday, including one with CNN. He took a congratulatory call from Texas Gov. Rick Perry that began with “Howdy, Ag!” And he still had time for a three-hour class to help with his scheduled ordainment as a Catholic deacon in February.

These guys are spread around the world and a major reason American oil rigs and refineries are remarkably safe – remarkable to all but those who have no sense of how huge such a task is. And this is American pragmatism & idealism, blended at its best. It is the “west” Catton talks about when he contrasts Lee and Grant – seeing each as representative of a region’s best. And all the frontiers didn’t close, Turner aside, in 1890 – there’s the land, sea, and air.

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  1. Engineering technology majors
    I may not be on solid ground here, but my impression was that it was the least theoretical of the many engineering majors, but one that encouraged the pragmatism I saw in my employees.

  2. Industrial Engineering differs from Engineering Technology. IE’s research areas are different than Engineering Technology’s.

    As you can tell, this isn’t something I know anything about, so I’m just giving you their pr stuff. The IE students who worked for me were often researching ergonomics, etc.; the ET’s were getting jobs at factories where they’d manage the processes for efficiency, etc. But needless to say, my sampling did not meet the standards I expect of my freshmen – information sufficient, typical, accurate, and relevant.

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