2 thoughts on “The Nerves, “Paper Dolls” (1976)”

  1. I’ve never heard of the song or the band but it turned out to be pretty good. In particular I dug the surf rock-esque guitar riff in between verses.
    What is your opinion of the ‘The’ band “revival” of the early 00s?
    Bands like The White Stripes, The Strokes, the Vines..
    I’m a big fan of the first two Strokes albums to this day but many find that post-punkish music obnoxious..

  2. A lot of people who like the same kind of stuff I like also like those bands. I like the White Stripes pretty well. I do not particularly like The Strokes. The songs by them I heard were, I thought, over-rated. I don’t know the Vines’ stuff. What is their best song?

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