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  1. I don’t see much harm in driving fast on deserted roads, now that you mention it. Or were you being facetious?

    BTW, there’s a comparison of traffic death rates by country here. The U.S. comes out ahead of many countries, so it doesn’t seem likely that we are especially reckless or contemptuous of traffic laws.

  2. “Son, do you know how fast you were goin’?”

    “Uh, yes. Do you know how fast I was goin’?”

    “Yes, son, I do.”


  3. It’s a mess around here. The signs on the side of the road say 108, on the highway it says 95. As far as I know they’re speed limits.

  4. That picture made me think of summer. When I look outside it is winter. Bitter Cold and Snowing.

    Ah. Summer. Summer makes me happy.

  5. Robert, I feel the same way. This photo is from a very enjoyable bike ride that I did in August. It kindles good memories whenever I look at it.

  6. Whereabouts is it anyway? I know it must be in the US, but it looks it looks remarkably similar to some little roads around where I live (i.e. Worcestershire, UK).

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