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  • Posted by In-Cog-Nito on February 9th, 2004 (All posts by )



    8 Responses to “”

    1. Jay Manifold Says:

      It depends on what the meaning of “service” is. ;)

    2. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      Truth in advertising. Must be a market bottom.

    3. B of P Says:

      Man, sometimes the Chinese are just plain weird.

    4. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      B of P, I am sure the feeling is quite mutual :)

    5. BigFire Says:

      Actually, the only readable letters on that card is the phrase “I Trust”.

    6. B of P Says:

      The feeling is mutual indeed.

    7. Anita Says:

      Was in Hong Kong yesterday, can’t remember the name of the paper I was reading but do recall an interesting article about a company in China trying to trademark the name “George W Bush” for the diapers they produce. Application, thankfully, was denied. And this is the best bit, the reason it was denied is that China does not want to unintentinally insult a world leader (I am guessing intentionally would be ok!!).

    8. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      Good one, Thanks Anita.