Our Future Arsenal

Browsing Chicago BoyzU.S. Air Force Plans for Future War in Space, we find:
The U.S. Air Force’s proposed Long Range Strike Aircraft (LRSA) will use technologies enabling a rapid global delivery of force from bases located in the continental United States.
and of course
Hypervelocity Rod Bundles: Provides the capability to strike ground targets anywhere in the world from space.
A related item, Small Rockets Hold Big Potential, says:
Hopes are growing for smaller rockets, which could lift satellites or bombs with a few minutes’ notice, instead of in days or weeks.
The Air Force is studying how it might use such rockets, which could be ready and, on demand, deliver bombs halfway around the world …
In other news, genomics is about to get incredibly cheap. Our army of hypervelocity rod bundle-wielding, B-3 bomber-flying (“a transatmospheric vehicle operating at up to Mach 14”) Genghis Khan clones will CONQUER THE WORLD! BuwahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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6 thoughts on “Our Future Arsenal”

  1. Jay, I like the sound of these capabilities.

    I think the USAF will beat us to it, in terms of independent capabilities. But, still, I am glad someone with our basic values is doing this.

    We’ll need all this stuff to deter or to prevail in a potential World War V, against China.

    The current World War IV against Islamic terrorism will be more of a light infantry operation, most of the time. Though, hypersonic metal rods may have their use, as might swarms of Genghis clones armed with XM-80 rifles.

  2. Um… guys,

    It’s kind of hard to maintain space platforms when morons at the Pentagon have already released information on systems that can be converted into counter measures in a of couple weeks (hint: what goes down can also go up).


    Gosh and golly. My “civilian” GPS receiver uses an amazingly similar network to that a hypothetical delivery system would use. Why launch a thousand ball bearings into space when one can just fry the offensive items circuitry from one’s back yard (assuming one has a fancy enough habachi)?

    Scott.. I’m sure the guys in Maryland are being provided a valuable service by this kind of thread, as if jokers like ourselves can figure this stuff out it’s a safe bet that others elsewhere can as well.

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