Random Musings and Disingenuous Intellectualism

The Journal’s editorial page today has several good letters responding to Karinna Gore Schiff’s diatribe on the candidacy of Ralph Nader. Unfortunately, I can’t link to them, you’ll have to pick up a paper copy, but it’s worth the buck.
Jesse Jackson once again has made himself prosecutor, judge, and jury. In less than one week, he has apparently been able to ascertain all the facts concerning Haiti and Aristide’s flight, and the Chicago Sun Times has deemed to print them.
Finally, my friend Andy continues his running summary of the state of the world (as seen through his eyes).

2 thoughts on “Random Musings and Disingenuous Intellectualism”

  1. In fairness to Reverend Jackson the Sun-Times does devote space for his column every week. True they are usual ramblings of “Bush this” or “Bush that”, but does anyone expect a Chicago paper to edit The Reverend Jackson?

    Lastly, I’m least likely to pay attention to The Reverend Jackson when he isn’t surrounded by a bunch of alleged “victims”. Perhaps if he wrote this piece from the Central African Republic I would defer.

  2. Man I can’t read an article written by Jessie without taking the Lords name in vein. Little pricks got me sinning just by reading his article!

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