5 thoughts on “What a shame”

  1. Every place has its problems, you’ve just got to pick the ones you want to live with. California will bounce back, but I’m leaving anyway because it makes sense for a lot of personal reasons and it simply isn’t as desirable a place as it was 20 years ago.

  2. I’m in CA, and it sucks. Have been looking to get out for a while – so far, within the US, NH seems to be the best, most free option. Though, sometimes I wonder, why not simply move to the free-est spot on the PLANET? Which would be HK, but I’m not too excited about Beijing messing it up whenever its in the mood.
    Any runner up ideas? Would any of you leave the US?

  3. Rahul, the problem with HK is that its dependence on the PRC makes it not so free. There is also the more general problem of making oneself dependent on the political climate of a small, prosperous city-state that can’t defend itself. And in terms of the actual life-options that would be available to you, HK is a bit limited. The U.S., for all of its flaws, still offers IMO the broadest range of options for individuals. It’s big enough and diverse enough that you can go to Arizona if you don’t like the gun laws in NY, or to NY if you miss the opera in Arizona. There are lots of states in the U.S. that offer more hospitable business and personal legal climates than CA does. You just have to decide which set of tradeoffs to accept.

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