How Libertarian Are You?

Via AtlanticBlog comes this link to an online test of libertarian purity. It’s not bad as such tests go, though some of the questions are ambiguous (e.g., “Should the Fed be abolished and the monetary base frozen?” — yes and no). I scored about 100, which seems high considering my positions on foreign-affairs and national-defense issues (to the right of Attila the Hun). I speculate that most of the non-blogging-type people I know would score between 10 and 40.

13 thoughts on “How Libertarian Are You?”

  1. Good link Jonathan. I scored a 75, which makes me a “medium-core libertarian”.

    I want my AR-15!

  2. Jonathan,

    39. But then, I don’t consider myself a libertarian. It’s too unbalanced…all sail and no ballast. The apples/oranges format doesn’t quite work…sometimes the answer is mangoes.

    Legalized heroin and whores, dissolving the borders & disbanding the military–then repealing the Constitution…this is liberty? Anarchy, perhaps. Which is little more than the Law of the Jungle gussied-up.

    What Would Shemp Score?

  3. Wow, I’ve really outed myself.

    In-Cog, a full-auto AR should be good for at least ten additional points on your score.

    Noel, all of these tests are ridiculous but at least I feel at home with this one. Now all we need is a “Which anime Three Stooges character are you?” test. . .

  4. JG,

    Your score sounds just right to me. What would Frank Knight have scored?

    Keep up the good work.

  5. 78… This test blows. I thought my plan to send all social security recipiants to special labs to harvest their neurochemicals (their sweet, tasty neurochmicals), for any valuable research purposes or commercial value would have helped me on this test. But no.

    Skip is correct, this is about anarcho-capitalism, which is only a branch of the brachia-like tree of libertarianism. Just recognizing that the state is a necessary evil, with all the logical conclusions that go along with that, knocks about 50 points off, and, heaven forbid you support a military.

    I guess I’ll take the title of minarchist, thank you very much.

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