Happy Easter

The Easter liturgical season commences. Lent ends. And, therefore, so does my blogging fast. It has been difficult but purifying.

So much going on. I find that I have little to add about the key developments of day-to-day news, i.e. the war and the election. But I do hope to put up some posts over the next few weeks about books I’ve read recently, which may be of interest.

Go easy on the leftover chocolate bunnies.

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Lies, all lies.

    My wife can confirm my actual location.

    (However, my old band has been rehearsing again and will be performing on Memorial Day at a party at an undisclosed location. Photos and/or video of this event will be available on this site if I can work out the details with Jonathan.)

  2. Of course we’ll make the video available! I can’t wait to see Lex being pursued by a crowd of screaming teenaged girls.

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