More on Mead

I received a notice from a worthy-seeming entity called the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies. They are presenting a series of lectures entitled “Repairing the Rift: Reconstructing the Transatlantic Relationship in the Wake of the Iraq War.” (Details here.) It is on Friday, May 14, 2004 and Walter Russell Mead will be speaking. It sounds like a cool event. Sometimes I do wish I lived in DC.

Incidentally, I finished WRM’s new book, Power, Terror, Peace, and War : America’s Grand Strategy in a World at Risk. It is very good. Details to follow.

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  1. And then there’s this via David’s Medienkritic:

    Official platform of German Foreign Minister Fischer’s Green party: “Do whatever it takes to get Bush voted out”

    Has anyone made the Bush Administration aware of the fact that Fischer’s Green party is openly advocating doing “whatever it takes to get Bush voted out” in an attempt to win election in the European Parliament? Doesn’t that represent massive interference in internal US affairs? How can the Bush Administration receive Fischer in a cordial manner when the German Foreign Minister’s party is loudly advocating its downfall and exploiting anti-US sentiment for its own political gain?

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