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  • Afghanistan In 35mm

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on June 2nd, 2004 (All posts by )

    Amazing photo gallery by Luke Powell. National Geographic quality.

    Paging through the photos from the 1970’s is surreal. It’s a journey back into the depths of time.


    6 Responses to “Afghanistan In 35mm”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Nice photos.

      He visits Jerusalem (he calls it: “el Quds (Jerusalem), Palestine”) and finds no Jews to photograph? Hmm.

    2. Sean Says:

      What are real estate prices like in Afghanistan?

    3. Andy B Says:

      From the pre and post-Taliban pics, I’d say they’ve come down.

    4. walter Says:


      haven’t seen the Jerusalem photos, but, as a wild guess, maybe he went there specifically to take photographs of Arabs?

      Can’t we just enjoy the wonderful pictures?

    5. Jonathan Says:

      Walter, I like the photos, I’m just wondering about Mr. Powell’s non-photographic agenda. Maybe I’m reading too much into irrelevant things, but I see no harm in asking the question. I suppose I could ask him directly instead of speculating about it.

    6. Anonymous Says:

      obviously the man’s not a fan of jews.

      he spends a lot of time in the pakistani part of kashmir, afghanistan, and jersulem which he calls el quds?
      hope someone at the cia is keeping an eye on this dude…