Unexploited Opportunity

In one of my email accounts I am receiving numerous spam messages touting penis-enlargement products. In another account I am deluged with offers for cheap software. I need to get these people together so they can start marketing cheap penis-enlargement software.

7 thoughts on “Unexploited Opportunity”

  1. That’s an oxymoron…

    I dunno. Seems to me it’s the always the best quality software that make my hardware perform at it’s best. Of course, I also prefer my chosen software to be flexible. The kind that allows me to plug into multiple ports and it still performs flawlessly.

    Finally, no modern software operates properly if you try to get it running on a floppy. A hard drive is required.

  2. Dennis Miller just mentioned that he hoped the guy who just got sentenced to six years in jail for sending 850 million spam emails from stolen addresses doesn’t meet someone in prison who responded to the penis enlargment ads.

    He said, “Hey, it’s the circle of life.”

  3. What I don’t get is that the spammers want to enlarge both my penis and my breasts. That would probably move my social life to a place I’d rather not go.

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