The Allegations Are False

Journalist looking for a scoop.

Some people have accused us of disrespecting the press. They are mistaken. The press is an important institution and we accord it all the respect that it deserves.

UPDATE: Such thoughtful fellows — So fair! So balanced! So measured and restrained! So devoted to the reporting of facts without sensationalizing anything! Feh.

UPDATE 2: Perhaps all our journalist friend needs is a good editor.

10 thoughts on “The Allegations Are False”

  1. “Once the herd starts moving in one direction, it’s very hard to turn it, even slightly,” Rather said. “Nationally, the herd has grown tremendously.”

    Is Rather talking about Reagan or the constant stream of bad news from Iraq out of his network? The irony is stifling.

  2. They pumped the Abu Ghraib story for over a month. They were complaining about all that coverage, weren’t they? No?

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