Saturday at the Protest 2-26-11, Part One

I will be having a series of posts this week on what I saw last Saturday at the protests. I will put the contents under the fold so as not to take up too much room here on the front page.

Click for larger:

The plaque reads:

Dedicated to you, a free citizen in a free land.

This reproduction of the Liberty Bell was presented to the people of Wisconsin by direction of the Honorable John W. Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury as the inspirational symbol of the United States savings bonds independence drive. From May 15 to July 4, 1950, it was displayed in every part of this state.

The dimensions and tone are identical with those of the original Liberty Bell when it rang out our independence in 1776.

In standing before this symbol, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself, as did our founding fathers, to the principles of the individual freedom for which our nation stands.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday at the Protest 2-26-11, Part One”

  1. From the video I’ve seen from Madison, the unions have taken upon themselves to be an amateur NKVD, a set of political officers guiding the legislators in correct thought to the correct vote. Honestly, none should be allowed to survive; watering the tree of liberty and all that, but it’s too late. The time to repulse these evils was decades ago: the habits of thought of socialism (communism, fascism, feminism, etc.) is too deeply insinuated into the (formerly) American elite.

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