Chicagoboyz Comments-Display Upgrade

You may notice the new comments-display setup in our right sidebar. It should be an improvement. If not, please leave a comment below or email me with a description of any problems.

(Note that this comments-display upgrade does not fix the ongoing problem with our over-aggressive anti-spam system, which I am working on.)

8 thoughts on “Chicagoboyz Comments-Display Upgrade”

  1. In a just world B.H. Obama would have to scratch and claw for a living, based on his total lack of skill at pretty much everything except for pontification.

  2. I have a complaint about the comments system.

    My erudite and articulate comments are somehow being downgraded and laced with typos and misspellings!

    Get on that for me would you?

  3. Not a complaint but suggestion. Can you figure out a button to subscribe for subsequent comments to a post? I have it in my WordPress template (ready-made); it seems other bloggers could devise it – it would be very convenient if you could do it here, too.

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