New Photo Blog

Finally got the photo site up and running. I don’t know how interesting it will prove to be for anyone else, but for me it’s useful if only because I have a big backlog of photos that I don’t want to dump here. And sometimes I get tired of words and prefer images.

I hope to post new photos frequently. I’ll permalink the photo blog in our “selected links” list.

Check it out.

8 thoughts on “New Photo Blog”

  1. When you open a gallery I’ll display my photos in it. Seriously, I think that a photoblog has the same relationship to a gallery that a blog has to a newspaper. Why not cut out the middle man?

    BTW, anyone who wants prints can email me and we’ll work something out. If there is any demand, I can set up an account at a site like Exposure Manager that makes it easy for viewers to order prints.

  2. Thanks for sharing your art with us. You are so generous with time (answering endless questions so fast) and then you do this, too. An artist’s eye and a generous spirit, you help us “see”. “So shall we come to look at the world through new eyes” – Emerson.

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