Madison Protests 3-5-11 – Photos

Photos from todays protests under the fold if you like.

Photos from todays protests, click any for larger.

Scott Walker’s flaming bag of shit. See the flame on top?

The Teamsters have had two semis parked at the protests for a while now.

I went around to the back and the semi was empty, save for a few teamsters getting out of the wind and a small pile of t-shirts.

Walker’s yellow brick road leads to the wicked rich. Stupid concept, but graphically a nice sign to my untrained eye – at least it stuck out from the majority of the magic marker and posterboard signs.

Johnny Cash is giving YOU the finger.

A table of socialist/communist literature.

My heart really sank when I saw this scene develop. This mom is making her kid shuffle around the square, and I could tell from the little girls face that she wanted to be anywhere but here. Maybe building a snow fort, or coloring, anything. She looked so completely sad that it affected me for a few minutes.

Scotty tired of doing your wife so now your (sic) gonna screw us.

Best. Sign. Ever.

This dog was NOT having a good time and REALLY wanted to be elsewhere.

This guy was dragging that cross all around the square and handing out literature to passers by.

Fox News makes you stupid!

There were a LOT of fist posters in different forms. More than last week by a mile.

Walkers Murdering Democracy

Chicago’s Finest in the house, or at least a dude who owned a CPD jacket.

4 thoughts on “Madison Protests 3-5-11 – Photos”

  1. The woman carrying the “Fox makes you stupid” sign, and her economist boyfriend with his Koch Bros sign, must spend a lot of time watching Fox News.

    Then the guy with the sign sliming Walker’s wife. I have thought for a long time that leftists seem to gravitate to obscenity and ugly sexual innuendo very quickly when they sense they are losing, or could not compete in, arguments. I don’t know if it makes them feel powerful or the guys get a boner or what it is but they sure seem to get there quickly with little invitation.

    What is depressing is the possibility that they may be winning the public over. I don’t know if this is the “Bradley Effect,” in which the polls on the first black candidate for California governor, LA Mayor Tim Bradley, were far off because the public may not have been willing to tell a pollster that they did not plan to vote for the black guy, or the unions are really selling themselves with the crude arguments they are using. The “American Idol” generation might be capable of this but I’d like to think not.

    I hope that Walker is convinced that he would rather go down with this ship than toady to the Trumka intelligencia.

  2. The faction whose violence is socially accepted will win. They will win because they are unopposed. As long as their opponents talk and blog about their incivility, as long as their lawless occupation continues, then union action will defeat citizen passivity.

    WWUD: If Republicans had fled, what would unions do? They would kidnap the missing legislators and return them to Madison.

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