Chicago Boyz and Girls (Girlz?) at Play

On a recent Friday afternoon I visited Lex at his office, where we discussed the usual politics and developed a robust libertarian/conservative dinner strategy. Mrs. Lex soon joined us and we set off for the excellent Reza’s, where we met up with some blogging colleagues and a few interlopers. We ate, drank, discussed interesting things and had a good time. Here are some photos.

Thursday Night: Reconnaissance

(Table-Cam®) L to R: Newly conscripted ChicagoBoy MW; the lovely ChicagoGrrl, who possesses supernatural power to control waiters using only her left eye; ChicagoBoy RV, lost in sauteed-mushroom revery; our own Andy B; and ur-ChicagoBoy Nick H

Saturday Morning: The Boyz have scattered with the winds. A solitary eggplant in the alley is all that remains of last night’s celebrations.

6 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz and Girls (Girlz?) at Play”

  1. Sorry I missed it.

    The hubby and child were in Wisconsin. It would have been a lot less expensive than what I did – 4 casinos.

  2. Does Reza’s still have the really aggressive waitstaff that, last time I was there, kept trying to take my kebab away when I was only halfway done?

  3. Sandy,

    We didn’t plan it as an event — it sort of grew. I’ll try to handle it better next time.


    The waiters knew to keep their fingers away from our end of the table.

  4. Chris,
    The waitstaff was agressively pushing some French wine (swill) that they had “on special markdown”. I’ve never seen a wine clearance sale at a restaurant before! It was not chosen.

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