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  • Chicago Boyz and Girls (Girlz?) at Play

    Posted by Jonathan on July 12th, 2004 (All posts by )

    On a recent Friday afternoon I visited Lex at his office, where we discussed the usual politics and developed a robust libertarian/conservative dinner strategy. Mrs. Lex soon joined us and we set off for the excellent Reza’s, where we met up with some blogging colleagues and a few interlopers. We ate, drank, discussed interesting things and had a good time. Here are some photos.

    Thursday Night: Reconnaissance

    (Table-Cam®) L to R: Newly conscripted ChicagoBoy MW; the lovely ChicagoGrrl, who possesses supernatural power to control waiters using only her left eye; ChicagoBoy RV, lost in sauteed-mushroom revery; our own Andy B; and ur-ChicagoBoy Nick H

    Saturday Morning: The Boyz have scattered with the winds. A solitary eggplant in the alley is all that remains of last night’s celebrations.


    6 Responses to “Chicago Boyz and Girls (Girlz?) at Play”

    1. Sandy P Says:

      Sorry I missed it.

      The hubby and child were in Wisconsin. It would have been a lot less expensive than what I did – 4 casinos.

    2. Chris Says:

      Does Reza’s still have the really aggressive waitstaff that, last time I was there, kept trying to take my kebab away when I was only halfway done?

    3. Jonathan Says:


      We didn’t plan it as an event — it sort of grew. I’ll try to handle it better next time.


      The waiters knew to keep their fingers away from our end of the table.

    4. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      Nice pics Jonathan. I like the top secret world domination plans.

    5. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      That was the bugged eggplant. Everything has been recorded. I know all about the Evil Master Plan…

    6. Andy B Says:

      The waitstaff was agressively pushing some French wine (swill) that they had “on special markdown”. I’ve never seen a wine clearance sale at a restaurant before! It was not chosen.